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About Us


Welcome to Plapoos Dreamland!

Here, you can create your own dreams with the assistance of the artists of Plapoos land and touch them in the real world. Our artists’ crafts are inspired by the most ancient civilizations, integrated with the state-of-the-art artistic techniques, and make you feel enchanting and special.
In Plapoos dreamland, you can order any artistic craft you desire with any quality and dimension, as long as we can produce it. We will help you to have a more pleasant and stunning environment to live in.
Plapoos helps you to prepare the most special gifts to the most special people in your life. Unique gifts which are made exclusively for you and based on your dreams. In Plapoos land, you can even offer your dreams as gifts to your friends

The extent of Plapoos land is as broad as the scope of our artists’ art