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Kilim Shoes

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    Traditional Bags & Shoes
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The remnants of humans’ civilizations represent the culture and civilization of previous nations in every land. Amongst these remaining arte facts, handicrafts enjoy a special status in the introduction of ancient civilizations. The handicrafts symbolize each land’s identity and rich culture. Hence Iranian carpet weaving industry, which dates from 3,000 years ago, epitomizes Persian art and culture.

Kilim is a type of hand-woven tapestry, without lint, which is woven by intertwining warp and weft. Usually the warp strands are of cotton, wool and silk, while the weft strands are of wool and silk. These fibers are dyed by natural colors to endow the Persian Kilim with a glamorous glow. The engraved motifs on these Kilims express each region’s symbols as well as the weaver’s conceptual illustrations and artistic creativity.

In recent years, tasteful Iranian artists have begun generating other products of Kilim,in addition toits major function as a floor-covering handicraft. Kilim bags and shoes are among such products, which have been acclaimed among buyers, especially young women, due to their great subtlety and variety.
These hand-woven Kilim products include shoes, backpack, handbag, laptop bags, shoulder bags, and wallets. There are also bag-and-shoes sets for women in the collection.

These Kilim bag and shoes can be special, unique and stunning gifts for elegant women, or a memorable gift for our mother and dear ones.

The privilege of Kilim-woven bags and shoes :
  1- Material: These products are made of premium and best quality Persian hand-woven Kilims. Being produced by completely natural fibers, these Kilims
      are very durable and strong. These Kilims are also dyed by totally natural colors and there is no chemical used in the process.
  2- Patterns and colors : The patterns and hues of Iranian hand-woven Kilims are very tempting, eye-catching, and dazzling.  Generally white, red, indigo,
      green, and yellow are used in Kilims to make  shoes and bags. Unique geometrical shapes which are mainly inspired by elements in the nature , have
      enhanced the beauty and striking luster of these products.  Nowadays these sporty and attractive patterns have been noticed  more by the youngsters
      and make you distinct and one-of-a-kind in a group.
  3- Lightness :  One of the main characteristics of a good bag or backpack is its lightness in terms of weight.  These products are extremely light and
      comfortable since they have been made of natural fibers and no metal or multi - layered hard plastic has been used in their production.  This privilege
      makes these products not only more  portable and convenient, but also less harmful for the spinal cords and other body organs by reducing damages
      caused by heavy backpacks and handbags.

Wash ability : These types of bags and shoes can be easily washed and cleaned by soap water, or rug shampoos.

Products of this brand have authenticity seal of UNESCO for handicrafts and UNESCO award of excellence for handicraft
Note : Bear in mind that all products in this store are completely made by the artIsts of different majors and each product is designed and made separately. Hence the product sent for you could be 10 percent different to the first image of the product that you see in the websit

Code  SG1371
Type  Traditional Bags & Shoes
Brand  Matris
Material  Handwoven Kilim and Artificial Leather
Size (cm)  URE Size ---> 36, 37, 38, 39
Weight (gr)  -----
Color  -----
Quality  A+
Usage  Shoes
Origination  Yazd, Iran