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Turquoise Stone & Copper Sugar/Candy Pot - 21cm

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Persian handicrafts have for centuries enjoyed the limelight worldwide for their unique aesthetic appeal. These precious handmade objects serve bothdecorative or ornamental purposesand functional purpose simultaneously. What could beat the idea that yournecessary home accessories and appliances realize your dreams of a distinctive, chic and elegant design as well?

FiroozeKoobi or Turquoise Inlaying is an astonishing handmade whether applied on jewelry or containers. A turquoise inlayed product is an object made of copper, bronze, brass, nickel or silver, with small pieces and particles of turquoise stone, which are set on parts of its surface in mosaic fashion to bring it a glamorous allure. The process of FiroozeKoobi production consists of two general stages:

     1- Goldsmith: This process includes the preparation of the raw object whose surface is intended to be mantled by turquoise stones.
     2- Turquoise Inlaying: In this stage, the inlayer strives to place appropriately-sized turquoise chips correctly on the object. The tiny stones are put so                              neatly, strongly and skillfully close to each other that no empty space is left in between.

The handicraft is finally burnished with great care, so that you will be able to use it not only in your interior design as home décor, but also enjoy its glamour while serving in celebrations and parties. The adorable subtlety of this special handmade makes it a first-class gift for your dear ones, too.

Turquoise kitchen accessories, such as sugar bowl, candy dish, nut bowl, etc. look marvelous as home décor ideas. Your home is undoubtedly embellished with these turquoise dishes with or without candy and nut inside.
    -- The products produced by this brand have a ten-year guarantee card to exchange the goods in case the damage is not due to physical harm or the
       buyer’s negligence.

    -- Turquoise pieces used in this product are of the best and premium quality Neishabur turquoise.
Note : Bear in mind that all products in this store are completely made by the artIsts of different majors and each product is designed and made separately. Hence the product sent for you could be 10 percent different to the first image of the product that you see in the website.

Code  SA1071
Type  Turquoise
Brand  Aghajani
Material  Turquoise and Copper
Size (cm)  21
Weight (gr)  1085
Color  -----
Quality  A+
Usage  Candy/Sugar Dish
Origination  Isfahan, Iran
Guarantee  ten-year guarantee card to exchange the goods in case the damage is not due to physical harm or the buyer’s negligence